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This blog is dedicated to my makeup looks and answering general beauty questions.
I posted a picture of my eyebrows with the tag "pastelkiss" in hopes that you will see it:) you've helped me achieve the brows I've ALWAYS wanted. I could never understand why my eyebrows never looked right, no matter how much I tweezed them. It turns out my eyebrow hairs are abnormally long and all I had to do was trim them down! Thanks for your lovely posts. I will be a forever fan!<3

You are lovely! I am so glad I could help! <3

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I finally have the eyebrows I want. After many years of trial and error, they’re finally my idea of perfection. I did it by frequently visiting this blog for inspiration: pastelkiss

They/you look fantastic! Congratulations! :)

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What foundation do you use? How gorgeous.. omg<3333

I’ve been using Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Liquid Foundation in the lightest shade 0.5. I love it!

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Your face is so lovely shaped and all!! Do you do facial exercise? Or what? I want a lovely face too! Thanks :D

What? My face shape sucks.

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Your eyebrow images helped me to create perfect brows on my first attempt for the first time ever! Amazing, thank you.

That’s awesome! No problem! :)

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How do you get away with washing your hair twice a week? If I go a day without shampooing, my hair looks oily and flat :[

The more frequently you shampoo your hair (aka strip the hair of its natural oils), the quicker your body will try to compensate for it by producing more oil. It may take a few weeks for your body to adjust to less washes, but in the end this will save you a lot of time and be better for your hair’s overall health.

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brows have been brown lately because I haven’t gotten around to buying a new purple liner

you should make a youtube channel! xo

I may possibly remake my channel later in life :)

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What do you use as makeup remover?

For eye makeup remover I’ve recently just been using olive oil on a cotton ball :)

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